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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

National Association of Black Journalist will gather in Birmingham, Alabama in August for several showcases, award ceremonies, and many more. Over 200 training sessions, 17 breakfasts and luncheon, and 85 career fair companies will be hosted at the convention. Clark Atlanta’s NABJ Chapter will be in attendance August. This event has sold out several hotels' months in advance. The convention is working to create an app to preview the schedule and speakers performing. The last day to register at a discounted price is July 1st. You can save up to $100 by registering by July 1st.

Clark Atlanta’s NABJ Chapter has been fundraising since May. AABJ President, Craig Allen Brown, noticed fundraising for this event and held a grant opportunity for students needing financial assistance for expenses towards this event. Craig Allen Brown, alumni of CAU and a professor at Morehouse College, has awarded over four scholars covered expenses for the convention. Special thanks to Craig Allen Brown for contributing and investing into the future of his alma mater.

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